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Cover-Shooting for the new book by bestseller author Silvia Aeschbach

Yesterday, the cover shoot with the experienced journalist and bestselling author Silvia Aeschbach took place in my photo studio in Niederhasli. The cover of her new book, which will be published by Wörterseh Verlag in spring 2022, was on the agenda.  Julia Küttel was responsible for make-up and hair. The personal challenge lay in the fact that I have known Silvia since my earliest childhood, as we were neighbourhood children and had spent practically the entire primary school years in the same class. Meaningful portraits require a relationship of trust, empathy and a "feel-good" atmosphere. Building a relationship of trust is often a big challenge because you don't know the person you are portraying and you only have a few minutes for the session. However, it is also very challenging to portray a person you know very well or for a very long time (or both). See also my post regarding the shoot with my parents. This challenge also existed with Silvia Aeschbach . After the

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